Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prayers Asked and Answered

Dear my favorite Daddy, 
It's me again down here.
This time I don’t bring anything
That I want or that I fear.
I’m simply being curious,
A nosy child beyond my right;
But sometimes I kind of wonder,
What you think about at night.
And I wonder what it’s like up there,
In Heaven by your throne,
But mostly wonder why you made us,
When you began to feel alone.
And when you chose to make us,
Where did you choose to start?
How did you secure us,
So we wouldn’t fall apart?
And why did you choose the look you chose?
Who were you trying to please?
Though us humans look symmetrical,
Logic tends to disagree.
We were all given two eyes,
To see beauty from within.
We were each given two ears,
To hear and truly listen.
We are all given two lips
To speak good words of wisdom.
And we’re all given two hands
To help out your other children.
We’re all given two arms,
two legs, two hips, and two feet.
But we’re only given one heart,
That never fails to beat.
And maybe it’s not important,
But Daddy I really want to know.
Why give us two of everything,
And not complete the ratio?
Was this all part of your original plan,
Or was the other half somehow missed?
If it’s not meant to have a partner,
Then Daddy, why does it exist?

Oh my precious child,
you have so much more to learn.
You’re so na├»ve and ignorant,
But I appreciate your concern.
It’s never wrong to question,
Why things happen like they do,
But don’t you ever question,
The intricate plan I have for you.
Heaven’s a surprise for you,
But I can’t wait for you to see.
I can’t wait for that one day,
When you will be up here with me.
But you wonder why I made you?
Heaven’s boring by myself.
It’s not right to be alone,
Trapped or enclosed within a cell.
And of course my blessed child,
I have thought this process through.
I thought you understood,
That I’ll be looking out for you.
Everything I have created
Has a partner or a pair.
It’s not made out of selfishness
But out of love to always share.
I know you’re still a child,
So everything is still unknown.
But I promise you my child,
Nothing will ever be alone.
As you grow a little older
I promise things will change.
Your thoughts will all mature
And everything will seem less strange.
But as for now I will explain myself,
In the clearest way I can.
The heart is something special,
Unlike a leg or arm or hand.
Each one is made delicate with care,
And is specifically assigned,
Because it’s partner has been given out
To someone else for you to find.