Thursday, October 8, 2015

Big / Lil Flower Headbands

My roommate returned from the craft store this evening with two bouquets of fake flowers, glitter card stock, and black elastic. She then went on to explain that her professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, had big and little brothers/sisters as the social fraternities and sororities do. They were having a reveal party this weekend and she had to make matching flower headbands for herself and her two littles.

"That's so cute!" I told her, and I really did think so. But I went on to make dinner, completely missing her hint. When you're the crafty one of the apartment, you're expected to take part in such an affair. But I missed my cue. After I sat down with my plate of stroganoff, she said, "So... Do you want to craft with me tonight?" 

"Sure!" I told her, honestly thankful for the invite and rather excited. I was already on Pinterest looking at what canvas I wanted to paint to fill the spare wall in my room. But then she responded: "Oh thank God!" That's when I realized I wasn't to make a canvas, I was to make flower headbands. 

Are you in a sorority in need of matching big/lil attire? These headbands are super cute, and look like they require a lot more work than they actually do! 

Here's what you'll need: 
--elastic (or pre-made headbands)
--access to a printer
--glitter card stock
--craft glue
--needle and thread

Step 1: 
Sew your elastic into a headband if you did not buy pre-made headbands. Cut your flowers free from your stems. 

Step 2:
Print out your Big/Lil stencils. We just used a word document to test out different sizes and cut out each letter separate. Computer paper works fine to trace! 
Step 3:
Stencil your letters onto the card stock. Remember to trace on the back so no marks are left on the front. **NOTE: You must stencil your letters BACKWARDS on the back of the paper to ensure they come out correctly.** Cut out your letters from the card stock and glue them to the center of the headband with craft glue. Press firmly for 2-3 minutes until dry. 
Step 4: 
Cut the stems of your flowers as closely as possible. Position one by one in place on the head band, sewing loosely around the center of the flowers from behind. **NOTE: You cannot glue the fake flowers due to their plastic stems.** It helps to sew the petals close to the center. Don't attempt to sew the plastic center! 

Step 5: 
Continue with each flower until you have sewn three on each side of your word. 

Step 6: 
Repeat same process for all other headbands until necessary amount is complete! 

And now this big sister is ready to go for her reveal... And she looks mighty cute, too! Enjoy! 

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