Monday, October 12, 2015

Make-It Monday: DIY Chiefs Shirt

Our apartment is somewhat divided when it comes to football: Shannon's in love with the Chiefs, Jocelyn worships the Packers, and Cassie and I could honestly care less. But despite Jocelyn's undying love for Clay Mathews, she is willing to give up her Packer Pride to attend any pro-game. Fortunately for them, Shannon's family scored tickets to the Chiefs game this past Saturday, but Jocelyn's closet is strictly green and yellow: not a red shirt to be found.

So once again the apartment turned to Pinterest, combining several ideas to make a shirt simple enough for Jocelyn to complete, but complex enough to not look totally stupid. And I think she did a pretty good job!

Here's What You'll Need:
--Red T-shirt
--Yellow Paint
--White Paint
--Notebook Paper

Step 1: 
Sketch half a heart outline on one sheet of notebook paper. (If you're a fancier crafter than we are you can use card stock, cardboard, or scrapbook tracers for your template. We're pretty cheap around here!) Sketch the other half on a normal piece of paper. Use the lines on the paper to write a "K" and a "C" in block letters inside the heart. You can also cut out letters from a Microsoft Word document or Google Images if you don't trust your free hand. (Feel free to adjust your template to say Go Chiefs, Kansas City, or something that matches your team!)

Step 2: 

Tape the two halves of the heart together. Penetrate the paper inside the letters with scissors and carefully cut out the letters from inside the heart.

Step 3:
Trace your template with paint. Trace your letters with a smaller paintbrush in white, and the heart with a fatter paintbrush in yellow.

Step 4: 

Remove your template and begin to paint in the lines. The more coats of paint you give the shirt, the darker and more professional it will look.

Once finished, it should look similar to this! 

Despite the fact that the Chiefs gave the game away on Saturday, these girls still had a wonderful time! And if nothing else, now Jocelyn has a football shirt that isn't green! 

Thank you, Jocelyn Mckenzie, for this wonderful idea! Want your crafts featured on Taxis, Tots, and Polka Dots? Email me your ideas at 

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