Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Harper Family's Seriously Easy Holiday Recipes

You really learn a lot about your family during the holiday season, especially as you carry out your traditions. But there's one thing I've learned most about my family over the years: whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years, the Harper family loves to eat. We love Christmas for a lot of reasons, but never overlook the fact that it gives us an excuse to snack while we watch Christmas movies, munch on candy while we wrap presents, and pick up chocolates on the way out the door. The holidays hold all kinds of traditions, including tree-trimming, family get-togethers, Christmas stories, and more, but I don't know a single family who doesn't use their cookbooks a little more during the holidays. After all, what is Christmas without some holiday munchies?

One of my favorite holiday candies to prepare are holiday peanut clusters, a recipe stolen from a woman at our former church. Once I learned how to make them, I would bring them to every teacher I loved at the end of the school year. One teacher I had in high school, Mrs. Langford, was a personal fan. I brought her a tin full of them years after I had her in class. I brought them to her until I graduated. "Thank you for contributing to my obesity!" she would tell me, "I don't know what you put in those things, but they are wonderful." I would laugh and say, "You know, Mrs. Langford, they're really easy." And she would respond with, "That's what all you cooks say."

And she's right. We've all attempted those recipes that were supposed to be "really easy" and turned out burnt, runny, undercooked, and nothing like the picture. But here's the deal with the Harper women: we're busy. We're stressed. And when it comes to cooking, we're lazy. When I say a recipe is easy, I mean it's easy. After all, the Harper women are queens of the crock pot. The recipes we give may be time consuming, but we promise you can fulfill about twelve other tasks before checking up on them. We don't mess with complicated dishes.

So if you're looking for a stressless, hassle-free, Christmas recipe to start your own gluttony traditions, these are 4 of the Harper favorites: the easiest holiday recipes you'll ever find.


I'd love to hear about your own holiday gluttony... Comment with your own recipe or email! 

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