Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Year Time Capsule

Yearbook day was always my favorite day of the school year. After running around collecting signatures from every friend and teacher who had impacted my life for the year, I would turn to the back and read the stats. Our yearbook committee would include every actor who had passed away, top box office sales, and Grammy winners of the year. It was crazy to compare the 6th grade stats to the 12th grade stats, and it seems unreal to compare those stats to today.

I'm out of school. I get no yearbooks. So this year, I am reviving the tradition for myself on New Years Eve. I have created a notebook entitled the New Year Time Capsule, which is filled with the same survey year after year. The questions are the same, but the answers look much different! Print out the survey to reuse each year from this post, or download the PDF here.

This year...

I was _______ years old. 

My nickname was: ___________________________________.

My favorite color was:___________________________________.

My favorite food was:___________________________________.

My favorite hobby was:___________________________________.

The best book I read was:___________________________________.

The best musical/play I saw was:___________________________________.

My favorite movie was:___________________________________.

My favorite TV show was:___________________________________.

My favorite actor was:___________________________________.

My idol was:___________________________________.

My vacations included:___________________________________.

The town I lived in was: ___________________________________.

My best friend was:___________________________________.

I dated:___________________________________.

I worked as a:___________________________________.

I drove a:___________________________________.

I spent too much money on:___________________________________.

My favorite store was:___________________________________.

My favorite designer was:___________________________________.

The best Starbucks drink was:___________________________________.

The best song on the radio was:___________________________________.

The best holiday this year was:___________________________________.

The President was:___________________________________.

Gas was priced at:___________________________________.

Minimum wage was:___________________________________.

The tallest structure in the world was:___________________________________.

The population of my hometown was:___________________________________.

The leading cause of death was:___________________________________.

The best memory of the year was:___________________________________.

My New Years Resolution for next year is: ___________________________________.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will celebrate and happy, happy New Year. Break out the bubbly and celebrate, beautiful! You deserve it. 

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