Friday, February 5, 2016

Math Center Game of Life

When challenged with the idea to create my own game for a classroom math center, I designed it around my current thematic unit entitled "When I Grow Up." As expected, it is a unit about careers and occupations, and the game allows students to use a previously chosen/determined career before beginning the game.

The game itself, however, does not center around occupations. It centers around money.

As you've probably noticed, one of the long lost talents in the adult world has become the ability to make change. The "Math Center Game of Life" helps students work on the basis of those skills by challenging them in addition, subtraction, and number sense using the value of coins. Directions and supplies can be found in the PDF document.

     "How To Play" (included in PDF)
     Board (included in PDF)
     Cards (included in PDF)
     playing pieces (anything from real game pieces to colored paperclips will do!)
     adequate coins

Download the free PDF here. Enjoy!

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