Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dolls with Disabilities

We have more exciting news in toy land today! At the beginning of the month I was pleased to report in Limiting the Impossible that the new barbie is expanding its horizons and presenting dolls of multiple shapes, sizes, styles, and ethnicities. There is nothing more near and dear to my heart than the promotion of healthy, diverse toys for young children to play with. There aren't words to explain how important it is for children to have dolls they relate to, and the recent Toy Like Me campaign did just that. The viral movement began as deaf moms challenged designers to make more inclusive toys for their children. Soon, millions of parents and teachers worldwide were sharing stories and photos of their homemade dolls to create their own customizable, realistic, and relatable toys for their children and students.

British toymaker Makies loved the idea, and jumped on the trend to release their own line of similar dolls. Originally, Makies was known for customizable options much like American Girl dolls, though Makies tend to take on more of a Barbie design. You could choose facial features, hair color, outfits, etc., but the new line of Makies dolls added another area of customization.

Now with glasses, hearing aids, walking canes, and more, dolls can be customized to also match the disability of the toy owner. Using their famous 3-D printers, they can even mimic a child's facial birthmarks so the doll will match. Talk about having a doll that looks like you! The line will soon expand to include wheelchairs, and Makies designers are already looking into what features they will include next.

The dolls are as expensive as any other doll designed to look just like your child, but the disability featured dolls are no more expensive than dolls without the disability features. Makies has also challenged other toy companies via twitter to follow in their footsteps, helping young children feel a lot more special and a lot less different.

Makies are currently moving to America. But once they complete this transition, their services will be available again with even more options! To make your own Makie doll for you or your child, visit their website at For more information, you can contact them through their Facebook Page: Official Makies.

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