Sunday, March 27, 2016

Get The Look: Happy Easter 2016

Today, my family and I are celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, and I always dress to the nines when I am happy and hopeful. There aren't enough words to express the love God has for us; the love we remember (if we choose to do so) on this day.

I've been on my soap box about beauty distortion lately for multiple reasons, mainly because I struggle a lot with it myself. But today, I am reminded that I was created by Him, and have never been more beautiful, loved, and perfectly imperfect than I am right now. It is because of Him that I am living, because of Him that I have faith in myself, and because of Him that I have hope for the future, both on Earth and for all of eternity. All glory and honor goes to Him alone!

So today, I am dressed in an outfit that makes me feel as empowered and stunning as I am through Him. Sure, I could find plenty of things wrong with the body inside of it, but He reminds me not to. He worked so hard on me, and I have every reason in the world to fall more and more in love with myself every day.

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Happy Easter 2016

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Happy Easter... He is risen indeed! 

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