Sunday, March 6, 2016

OUAT Season 6 Watch Party

Who else is excited for the Season 6 premier of Once Upon a Time tonight?? The Harper girls certainly are... Welcome to our watch party! Meet Kayley Harper (my beautiful cousin) and her daughter Cora, the other half of my "Charming" family.

We are so happy we were able to reunite for the premier since we value our family as much as the Charmings. Kayley's one confident mother, ready to do anything for her child. Of course, her love for Killian Jones makes her a regular Emma Swan, placing her on #TeamHook. Cora, the truest believer of our family, is the Henry to her Emma, placing her on #TeamHenry, and then there's me: the preppy teacher who never gives up. I guess that makes me Mary Margaret, since David Nolan is my personal hunk of choice! After all, "believing in even the possibility of a happy ending can be a very powerful thing."

After 654 tries, we finally got our truest believer to stand still for a photo, and we'd like to give a major shout-out to Rush Order Tees for our custom t-shirts! Make your own this season!

Happy Season 6! Will Emma find Hook? Can the darkness really be banished for good, and is it even possible for the gang to persevere in the underworld?? We're dying to find out, too! Stay tuned to ABC tonight at 8/7 central to watch with us. Hopefully the savior won't disappoint!

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