Friday, March 11, 2016

R.I.P. Bruiser Woods

Tonight was supposed to be a night of celebratory movie watching, hair brushing, and cookie eating because my sister at heart, Caroline Clark, made it into nursing school at the University of Arkansas. I am so proud of her!

We were prepared with our traditional sleepover; movie in hand, Pride and Prejudice of course, when we were saddened by the recent news of a dear friend's passing. Bruiser Woods, beloved inspiration and sidekick to the one-and-only Elle Woods, passed away yesterday, though Reese Witherspoon has assured us via Instagram that his tail is wagging in the sky. With a heavy heart, we celebrate his brilliant legacy. Thank you for assuring all young women that they have what it takes to pursue all their dreams and academic uncertainties with the help of dear friends and canines.

Rest in peace, dear Bruiser Woods. You are already immensely missed. 

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