Monday, August 22, 2016

Get The Look: Tan Lines & Pencil Skirts

It was 4:30 p.m. when we finished practice. Hair knotted into a sweaty bun, sunglasses trapping moisture above my nose; my shirt suctioned to my back due to the heat of the afternoon rehearsal block. I could feel the dirt on my skin, and upon undressing for a shower when I got back to my apartment, I was so sweaty that salt fell out of my shorts.

I had to be at a fancy banquet in two and a half hours.

I'd mentally planned this outfit for weeks. A stylish lavender blouse paired with a grey and white pattered pencil skirt. Silver heels practically mimicking glass slippers would tie it together accented by silver hoops and a silver hair piece. And I was going to be tan. Lavender looks exquisite on a tan.

I showered. I curled my hair and styled it accordingly with the silver piece. I took the extra five minutes to complete my makeup with careful detail. And I put on my stunning, mentally prepared outfit only to realize it didn't look the way I'd envisioned. 

Tan lines. I had considered the tan, but hadn't considered the tan lines. This lavender blouse had straps like spaghetti noodles. My workout tanks all week had been at least two inches wide in the sleeves, and don't even get me started on the sock tan line. My feet were the color of a hotel bed sheet in comparison to the rest of my legs, and my silver glass-slipper heels were drawing more attention to it. Not less.


I thought about changing but I didn't have the time to put together another perfect outfit. And besides, I didn't want to change it. I'd had my heart set on that one for weeks! I considered a blazer, or perhaps a different hairstyle that concealed the pale straps on my shoulders. I even considered covering my feet and shoulders with foundation. But my foundation isn't cheap, not to mention liquid. I was not about to ruin my lavender shirt. I huffed and grabbed my purse, out of time to fix the situation.

No one said a word about my tan lines. Instead, I was asked to include the fabulous outfit in a Get The Look segment on the blog.

Before I do that, though, I want to make a point. I was headed to a band banquet for band members after a week of band camp. Everyone had tan lines. Tan lines were suddenly more frequent than even skin tones and yet, something told me that it wasn't okay to have them. We all know tan lines show up on any person who wears clothing while out in the sun (and I sure hope that's everyone...). So why did it seem so wrong to have them?

Tan lines are normal. So is acne, cellulite, thick thighs, fat bundles, and curvy middles. None of which have ever been pictured on magazine covers, billboards, or advertisements of any kind. The images we are fed more often than what we see in the mirror trick our minds into telling us that normal displays of physicality are flaws. With this in mind, I rocked my super-cute and thoroughly complimented outfit with white feet and all.

Because I am not flawed. And neither are you.

So if you want the outfit for yourself, I'm here to help.

The Outfit 
Lavender Blouse {similar}
Patterned Skirt {similar}
Silver Heels {similar}
Silver Hoops
Hair Piece
Bow Ring 

Sorry I had to include some similar pieces rather than the originals, but a lot of the pieces were seasonal and I wanted to make sure you could buy them. So be sure to enjoy and wear confidently. Your body is not flawed, and you can still rock a lavender tank with extremely defined tan lines.

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