Monday, September 5, 2016

The Compliment Challenge

Have you ever met one of those people you saw and just knew that you were supposed to know them? My colorguard little sister is kind of like that, and the kicker is, I still don't know her very well. We just met a month ago. But not only is she adorably fashion forward and the sweetest spirit I've met in a long time, she is dedicated to the same positive mission.

When she bought us matching crown rings, the deal was sealed. She figured I would like it because I was always thoroughly accessorized with a mad love for Disney royalty. Little did she know, a silver tiara ring had been on my shopping wishlist for years. She couldn't have possibly nailed it any better.

I joked that we were both prepared to show off our rings and #StraightenOurCrown, one of the positively encouraging segments of the Beauty Distortion Ban on the blog, but it was quickly discovered that I didn't have to joke. It wasn't even a full day later that I logged onto Facebook and saw her participating in a challenge I just had to jump in on.

Compliment Challenge: her status read,   Like my status and I'll tell you something that I like about you! Best challenge yet. We need a little more positivity in our lives! #copyandpaste 

I had to agree. So today, I'm participating in her Compliment Challenge on all the blog's social media accounts. And the best part is? I don't have to know you. I will stalk your profile enough to find something I find compliment worthy, because I firmly believe that everyone has some type of gift that isn't hard to notice. 

So if you haven't already, follow Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots on all our social media accounts and follow the directions for your preferred site below! 

To Participate on Facebook
Like the facebook post matching the one above and I will comment with something I like about you! Don't worry, I'll tag you in the comment so you don't have to sift through all the others... From there, it's your turn! Copy and paste the status onto your own profile and keep the compliments coming! 

To Participate on Twitter
Favorite the tweet matching the status listed above and I will tweet a compliment back to you after stalking your tweets. From there, copy and paste the tweet instead of retweeting so you'll be sure to catch who's waiting for a compliment! 

To Participate on Instagram 
Double tap my Compliment Challenge photo and I will comment a compliment for you. Be sure to repost the photo on your own Instagram feed using the repost app {or steal the photo embedded in the blog post} with the caption listed above. 

And remember... I don't have to know you! So keep calm and compliment on. We need a little more positivity and encouragement in this toxic society. See you in the world of social media! 

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