Monday, October 31, 2016

Spooky, Spooky!

Happy Halloween, my fellow creatives! I can't wait to see how you're celebrating the holidays with your kiddos and loved ones. Please, please, please, share your awesome costumes with me because I have no doubt you went full out!

I know I did! Can you even really tell the difference between me and favorite style icon? I think not.

I went full out for the blog, too... But instead of giving it a costume, Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots got a whole new makeover!

Yeah, yeah, I know the website pretty much looks the same. The layout, the color scheme, the logo... All of it's the same. I know. 

But! I used this opportunity to really switch some things up. Here's a sneak peak at some of the new features you'll find on the blog.

Two Category Bars
Are you new around here? If so, you came at a good time. My first category bar holds everything a new reader could possibly need to know. It includes my personal story/inspiration for beginning the blog, the primary mission/movement behind Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots, my secondary mission/partnership with Mary Kay, information on how to be featured/published, FAQs, and any and all copywright information to ensure credit is given where credit is due!

The second category bar holds all the main topics covered by the posts on my blog. Live refers to everything I've ever written, as it contains every aspect I consider crucial to my life! The other categories include other important parts of my life; love = relationships, believe = faith, teach = education, craft = DIY, style = fashion, travel = adventure, celebrate = holidays/special occasions, beYOUtiful = self love/confidence.

A Cleaner Sidebar
Less ads, less words, less clutter. Connect with me, search for a post, or shop my Mary Kay store. Extra features for the blog are found further down!

Less Scheduling
...because what I've been doing isn't working.
For all my analytical readers that greatly value consistency, please don't panic! You'll still hear from me in blogland roughly once a week, and you can catch me via newsletter at least once a month, but publishing on such a tight schedule is running me thin. Not only am I frantically running around at the end of each week, trying to get a new post up by the following Monday, but I am often sitting in my room alone for hours just trying to figure out what to write. I find that inspiration strikes me best when I am not looking, and having a less strict schedule is ideal for me to follow those creative juices.

An Annual Tradition
I've wanted to join in on the social media movement of #ThankfulThursday for awhile now (not because you need a designated day to be thankful, but because getting in the habit of being thankful is an extremely good habit to be in), and the upcoming season gives me a great time to start. Last year on Instagram, I participated in the 30 Days of Thanks November Photo Challenge, where I posted a picture per day of something I was thankful for. I'm pleased to announce that I am not only doing a modified version of this again this year (no prompts this time!) but also using it as a way to get into the habit of #ThankfulThursday. I hope you'll join in with me!

A New Movement
Self love has always been important around here, but it baffles me how early children are taught that they are not enough for this world. They are not too young. They are not too stupid. They do not have to "wait until they're older" before they understand. #CrayonsToConfidence was launched specifically to aid you and all the tiny humans in your life on your journey to self love, one lesson plan and creative concept at a time. I truly believe that confidence is the most powerful tool a child, a woman, or any living being could have. Confidence is appealing. Confidence makes you productive. Confidence has the ability to scare the living daylights out of people who do not have it. Insecurity and inadequacy have no place here at Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots, and #CrayonsToConfidence will banish both.

A New Opportunity
I've been pondering pink for some time now, and made the final leap of faith to become a Mary Kay beauty consultant this past week! YAY! There is still so much do and learn before I am able to start booking parties and appointments, but the coolest thing about my Mary Kay website is that I can sell to you from anywhere, and have it shipped right to your door! For all things makeup, skincare, and/or self love, I'm your girl!

To learn more about how/why I snagged this fabulous opportunity, visit the Mary Kay Store page in the blog's header, but I totally realize that there are two very different opinions of Mary Kay (just as there are two very different opinions of absolutely everything else). Nothing is for everyone, and Mary Kay is no exception. I never want to be that pushy consultant, and I have not linked the store to my blog in order to sell. I linked it to the blog because our missions are the same at the core; not about makeup or physical beauty, but about the girl who lives inside.

I am so excited about the upcoming opportunities this holiday season has in store, both occupationally and for the blog itself. We have so many surprises planned for the holidays, and giving the blog a basic remodel was the first necessary step to revealing those surprises! So grab a cup of coffee and stick around, dear reader... This is only the beginning of some seriously exciting stuff!

Don't forget to share your Halloween pics with me... I actually wasn't kidding; I want to see your creative costumes!

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