Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thank God For Answered Prayers

Sometimes I wonder why I do half of things I seemingly randomly commit to. You'd be such a good teacher. I think so too, I'll get my degree in teaching. You should start a blog. I love writing, what a good idea! You love New York. Why don't you just move there? I know, I think I'll try.

The latest has been about a makeup company. It offers such flexibility, decent money, and it's right in line with your mission of confidence in women and children... Why don't you sell Mary Kay? I dunno, let's give it a whirl.

So here I sit on Thanksgiving Day. A preschool teacher, colorguard coach, and blogger, sorting through box after box of new makeup inventory. It is flexible. It does make decent money. And I do get to remind women each day how beautiful they are. It's everything I ever wanted it to be, but like everything else, it has its ups and downs. And last night, I was stressing about Black Friday. Or Pink Friday, as Mary Kay likes to call it.

I'm a teacher! And an amateur writer. And a performer and a full time college girl. Not a salesgirl. So how was I supposed to host a Black Friday sale? And why on earth would I spend my first week of the semester off nurturing a new business? Well, even I wasn't really sure. I just felt like I should.

"Another question..." I texted my MK mentor (I always seem to have an over-abundance of questions), "I don't have very many customers because I'm new and have only booked one party so far! How can I rock this Black Friday thing??"

The answer? "Start a Facebook group of absolutely everyone you think might be interested in buying."

I must've added every female on the list. You just never know who's looking for what, you know?

It wasn't 20 minutes later before a girl I hadn't seen in nine years sent me a message. "Hi, someone added me to this group and I just don't know much about it. I know it's about makeup so I'm definitely interested if someone could explain it to me?"

I gave her my usual monologue about Mary Kay products and the company itself, half expecting her to buy and half expecting her to remove herself from the group completely. Then came her response: Congrats on all your success! I want to be a consultant. I'm a single mom who just lost my relationship and job and I am looking for a job. I think this sounds perfect. I'm a great sales person and I need any extra way to make some money. Do I just text the number you gave me? 

I was floored. The question had always been why is an early childhood educator out selling makeup? My answer was always I dunno, I felt like I should. Now, it was Because someone needed me to. 

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for God's plan. It is so much better than ours! I was once told at a consultant meeting:

If your dreams don't scare you, they don't scare your enemy. 

I have yet to hear anything quite so true. If you have a dream today, make sure you take the time to notice it. If you feel called, or compelled, or even the slightest feeling that something might be important...even if you don't know why or how it could be's important that you do it. I thought the Mary Kay opportunity might help me aid some big transitions coming up in my life, but it was actually to help someone else aid the big transitions in her life. I am so thankful God was able to reach her through me. It was an honor to be used, just as he used my Mary Kay mentor to reach out to me. They always said it was about more than makeup, and I prayed it would be true.

Thank God for answered prayers.

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