Sunday, June 11, 2017

Today Is The Day!

It was a Monday afternoon when I sat with my head buried in my hands.

Lord, you made it so clear that I was supposed to move to Nashville. It was a prayer I'd prayed a million times. You brought Dylan back into my life with perfect timing. You brought my attention to the perfect apartment so suddenly. You made it so clear that I was supposed to move to Nashville, and continued to prove this was the right choice as things just kept working out... 

I'm sure even God could sense the "but" approaching. After all, we can't just be grateful for all that we have. We always need something else.

But couldn't you maybe help me out with a job to pay for that apartment? Couldn't you give me a purpose in Nashville, aside from simply being here with Dylan? 

I was so frustrated. God knew what I wanted; everyone did. I wanted to teach kindergarten. I wanted to be in Nashville with Dylan, living in my first apartment all to myself, surrounded by a city that appreciated performance art the way I did. God knew all of that, and He had managed to give me everything except the thing I needed most.

A job.

"Maybe I should start applying to Williamson County schools," I told Dylan when he rounded the corner. He didn't even try to hide his skeptical eyes.

"I thought you wanted something in Nashville."

"I want a job in Nashville, but I need a job."

"Okay," he shrugged, knowing that once I have decided something, there's really nothing he can say to change my mind.

I was shocked. Not even a minor protest! "...okay?"

He shrugged again. "I just think it's a little early in the game to be giving up on what you really want."

True. Patience is a virtue; one that even Dylan knows I don't have.

Never settle, my mom's voice rang out in my head. You should never have to settle. And while I'm pretty sure she meant that regarding the men in my life, I was so prepared so settle for a job. I wanted kindergarten, but I'd teach anything I could. My license is Pre-K through 3rd. I could do it. So maybe I'd teach another grade, or drive a little longer to teach outside the city.

My anxiety was kicking in, and I was giving up on God when He had time. He never promised I would have everything I ever wanted, but he certainly hadn't promised anything based on my schedule. He had instructed me to obey Him. To listen. To trust Him.

And I'm not very good at that either. So it took a lot of will-power to close my laptop.

"Okay," I told Dylan, "but if I haven't been called for an interview by July, I'm applying outside of Nashville."

He shrugged again. "Deal."

I woke up the next day and noticed a sign beside Dylan's door. Today is all that matters. That sign had been there for months, but today, I needed it. It mattered. And in a strange bout of positivity, I went on about my day fairly relaxed. ...Until one of Dylan's friends came over and the anxiety started right up again.

"So Bethany, I hear you live in Nashville now!"

"Yep! Been here three days."

"Wow, what are you doing here?"

"Hopefully teaching kindergarten."

She didn't say anything.

"I'm still looking for jobs. It's still early."

It was much more of a reassurance for me than it was for her. But by the time she waved goodbye and went home, there was an email in my inbox.

Hi Bethany, 
I was wondering if you were still looking for a teaching position. Bellshire is looking for a dynamic Kindergarten teacher. Let me know. 

I had sent out emails to 76 different elementary schools in Nashville the second I noticed a vacancy. And out of 76 emails over the span of three months, one had responded. One. 

You know you really shouldn't be so picky, a voice in my head rang out.

Hey, God. I know. But I sent over 70 emails and it's ONE response.

Well you only need ONE job. 


Yes I am! I emailed back. Kindergarten is my ultimate passion. I would love to meet you and look at your school. When would work best for you? 

I'm actually in Florida right now. Can you do a Skype interview? 

Sure that sounds great! What time? 

How about tomorrow at 8am? 

Sounds perfect. See you then! 

The next morning, I talked to the principal for an hour and was offered the position on the spot.

All that worrying. All that anxiety. All of those plans, and for what? For nothing! Because God had it. He'd always had it. And sometimes all you need is to realize that you don't have it on your own, and all He needs is for you to ask for His help. Trust Him. Believe Him. Obey Him. And He will take care of you.

So after two weeks of waiting for contracts to be signed and authorization by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System, I am so excited to OFFICIALLY announce that I will be teaching Kindergarten in Nashville next year at the Bellshire Design Center. They believe in reading every day (like me); not because the teacher told you to, but because reading is something to be enjoyed. They believe that the best gift you can give a child is an intrinsic value of self worth, and the curiosity to foster creativity. (And in case you're new around here...that's kind of my deal.)

It is the absolute perfect fit, and it had very little to do with me.

All this to say... This "happy ever after" did not come without anxiety, fear, and a whole lot a tear-shed prayer. If you are struggling with something today... Or waiting on something... Or praying for something... Don't give up. It's too early to give up, because God does things on His time, not on yours.

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