Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A Year In Review

New Years is the strangest time for me. Everyone else is celebrating a new beginning, but all my life, I've been in school.

I am a teacher. My life begins in August, ends in May, and provides an awkward break in June and July. Summer is far too much time to consider it a long weekend, but far too little to establish a new routine. January is just a necessary middle.

Not to mention, the blog (for whatever reason) began in June. So all the updates and big announcements are usually announced on the blog's birthday on the 24th.

But people often review their past year during the transition from December to January, when the last number in the date we've been writing for 365 days can finally change. So each year, I call in your feedback for a survey...

What were some of your favorite posts in 2017? 

So here are the responses from my beautiful readers, with the most popular post from each category included. Enjoy taking a look back at 2017!

What was your favorite post from our #CrayonsToConfidence movement (where we battle insecurity and fight for mental health in young children)?

"You're Too Pretty To Cry," & Other Lies We Learn Young 
(Published October 9, 2017)
was written after a witnessed interaction between one of my kinders and our school lunch lady, recognizing multiple little lessons kids learn early that seem like a good idea, but ultimately hurts their mental health and self esteem as they grow older. 

The #WarriorPrincess & #AdventureHero movements are categories within #CrayonsToConfidence, encouraging young women and young men to be their most beautiful and powerful selves. Which post was your favorite regarding self love and mental health for adults?

#MeToo, But You Already Forgot
(published October 29, 2017)
regarded my personal experience and thoughts on the #MeToo movement; including why I shared, why some women won't share, and why the reactions of this movement are so important. 

Strong teachers can be just as influential in a child's life as his/her own family. What was your favorite post regarding my education world?

My Second First Day of Kindergarten
(published August 13, 2017)
gave readers a glimpse into my first year as a kindergarten teacher, and how much I love what I do!

I often use the blog as a creative outlet to share a bit of my personal life with you. It helps us get to know each other better! What was your favorite post about me adulting this year? 

The Suitcase College Grad Series
The Suitcase College Grad (published May 28, 2017)
Madly In Love & Broke As Hell (published June 4, 2017)
Today is the Day! (published June 11, 2017)
documented my journey from college graduation to landing my job, complete with spontaneity, adventure, romance, and utter cluelessness. It was very important to me that I share this part of my life to encourage others who also feel like they don't have it all together. It can be such a beautiful time of life, if you let it be!

Thank you so much for your loyalty as a reader in 2017. I certainly wouldn't be writing if not for you!

I, however, am signing off for the evening to celebrate with friends, a little bubbly, and possibly the live televised event in New York City. I'll see you back here in 2018 for more inspiration and confidence... This year (as always) is our year!

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