Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gifts Your Kiddo's Teacher Actually Wants This Christmas

Alright parents, it's that time of year again. As if you're not stressed enough with the Christmas Party dates, the holiday program reminders, and gift shopping for your actual family, you realize you have three days before school is out and you are expected to present your child's teacher with a Christmas gift.

Your kid probably wants to get her an Emoji water bottle or something equally as random. And all you can think of is a Christmas ornament or a mug that says #1 Teacher. You're pretty sure she already has a thousand of those. And let's be honest... Would she even use it?

I love my readers on this blog, so I'm just going to give it to you straight...

She does have a thousand of those and she can't possibly use them all.

You're sure that there's something out there she could use and actually enjoy, but you aren't a teacher. So how in the world are you supposed to know what that something is?

You aren't.

Allow me to share with you where every teacher's mind is at this holiday season, so you can give something that will really count.

Something she can eat. 
I'll let you in on a little secret... Her family's favorite time of year is Christmas. Why? Because she brings home all kinds of stuff. They never have to bake any cookies or make any candy because they have plenty. 

I had a teacher one year who talked about my chocolate peanut clusters for months after I gifted them to her. I returned to give her a batch every year until she retired.

So help your teacher add to her stash with your special family recipe. It may even end up being the thing she looks forward to each season.

Something she can drink. 
She will carry her favorite drink to work daily. ...or she'll have it stocked in the workroom refrigerator so she never forgets.

So ask your kid. What does she always have with her? Get her what she feels she needs to get through the day. Soda? Coffee? Tea? Something a little stronger...? (Hey, you know your kid better than I do.) Use this knowledge to create a small little gift basket.

**Legality Note: Your child WILL get in trouble if you send alcohol to campus. And so will you!!! A cute wine glass, bottle openers, reusable wine corks, or a gift card to your local alcohol store could serve as a thoroughly used alternative. 

Something she can use to relax. 
She spends 8 hours a day with your children, a few more hours a day preparing for them, and the remainder of her time worrying about them. A bath bomb or two would be more than welcome, along with some lotion or candles to give some of that time back to her. Trust me. She doesn't give enough of it to herself.

Something to give her store credit. 
Ask your kid (because I can guarantee they'll know)... What does your teacher always have with her? And where does it come from? Gift cards are your friend here.

Is she one of those teachers who frequents the vending machine for her diet coke on the reg? Sonic.
Does she inhale coffee like it's oxygen? Starbucks.
Are your kids always bringing home cute little educational crafts? Hobby Lobby.
It might also be worth it to include some credited money to your local educational supply store, or to JoAnn's, or the Dollar Tree. (Yes they make gift cards to Dollar Tree, and yes, your teacher would eat them up.)

Your kid knows her better than anyone, so ask them. What does she like? Where does she spend her time? What does she do when she's not at school?

And if you're still stumped and all else fails... Amazon or Target. If she isn't at least mildly obsessed with these gems, then is she even a real teacher?

Something for her classroom. 
I know what you're probably thinking. "I'd kind of like to get her something to take her mind off work...not something to remind her of it over the holidays!" But look at it this way...

Providing her with classroom supplies, kleenexes, tissues, games, puzzles, or even organization pieces is less money out of her own pocket she'll spend next semester. It's something to make her long, stressful days a little bit easier. And she will remember you each time she uses it.

Something personal. 
Teachers get so caught up in the day-to-day stressors of our jobs that we forget why we're really there. For example, if your child is in kindergarten, there's a good chance they didn't even know all their letters when they walked into your teacher's room. By Christmas, they are beginning to read, write, and even complete some addition and subtraction without any assistance!

The sweetest "teacher gift" I've ever received was a framed piece of student work: on the left, an assisted writing assignment from the first week of school, and on the right, a writing piece constructed at home without any help about how much they loved school. Attached to the frame was a thank you note from the parent, showing that they had noticed the progress in their daughter and were expressing how appreciative they were of everything I had done.

I will keep it long after I retire.

Tips To Consider...

  • Teachers work hard. So anything to make our winter holiday seem longer and more relaxing will be received with great joy. 
  • Teachers are cheap. We aren't paid much, so we don't expect a lavish gift. In fact, chances are high we enjoy the simple, useful ones more. 
  • Teachers are unappreciated. The simple fact that you included us on your gift list at all lets us know that you are grateful for what we are doing. You really can't go wrong. 
So please don't let the stressors of the holiday season become an excuse to forget your child's teacher this Christmas. I promise you, she hasn't forgotten your child. 

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