Sunday, January 14, 2018

Welcome Home Piper!

Two days before Christmas, I got the call. And four days after, I got what I'd really wanted all year long.

I loaded up my car with blankets, food, and water. Brought a collar, harness, and leash. And I drove five hours to a rural area in Birch Tree, Missouri; a town I'd never even heard of.

And I picked up sweet Piper, a four month old cockalier puppy from a rescue.

I'd fallen in love with her ad on Petfinder a few days prior. She had originally come from a breeder, but the breeder didn't want to use her in the future due to her mixed breed. And so she was sold at a puppy auction, where a rescue lady found her and swept her away.

She lived a few days with that woman until it was decided that this little pup was not a farm dog. She was a social dog; one who needed to be in a big place with lots of friendly people. She liked to run. She liked to play. But she loved to snuggle.

And upon reading this description thoroughly to search for a catch, I'd already decided that Nashville would be the perfect place for her. A big place. With lots of friendly people. In an apartment where lounging, napping, and snuggling were heavily valued.

My application was thrown in among a pool of five within the first day of her ad being up on the internet. Four days later, the applications had been processed and the rescue agreed with me. Nashville would be the perfect place for the little cockalier.

In our two-week time together, little Piper has received her name. She has learned to eat out of her own bowl at mealtimes, instead of scrambling to compete with other puppies for food. She has learned to wear a collar, walk on a leash with a harness, and chew on her toys rather than her gate, the sofa, or anyone's shoes. We're still working on potty training, but it hasn't even been close to the nightmare I thought it would be.

She has played in my apartment's dog park. She has met lots of new people. And she has taken many, many naps.

She's also been named the loudest snorer in the world by my boyfriend, Dylan. ...And he's not wrong.

She has been tested to make sure she is healthy, and been given the medicine to make sure she stays that way. She is vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. She has also been positively labeled for some type of neurological disorder that affects her face muscles on one side...she can't blink her left eye! But we have already made an appointment for further consultation next week.

In two short weeks, she has been given more than she ever knew a dog could have. She is very cared for. She is very looked after. And she is very, very loved.

Welcome to Nashville, Piper.

It's only been two weeks, and I already don't know how I ever survived without you.

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