Where do you live? 
Despite many (reasonable) misconceptions, I don't actually live in New York City. I'm originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, but moved to Springfield, Missouri to pursue Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Arts Integration at Missouri State University. I was headed to New York City following graduation... but reconnected with my high school sweetheart and other things just became more important. I now live in Nashville, Tennessee!

Why did you start your blog? 
I started Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots as a junior in college, mainly as a way to express my thoughts and ideas with those who cared enough to keep track of it. Originally named after my three main obsessions at the time (New York City, the children I taught on a daily basis, and all things related to beauty and fashion), I gained a consistent following of performing art teachers and their families after publishing my first viral post, Sincerely, The Band Director's Daughter. Suddenly I had a following to reveal my biggest platform (i.e. soap box), and launched Crayons to Confidence in November of 2016, dedicated to promoting self love and creativity in our little princes and princesses, one crayon at a time. 

You have a lot of weird celebrations. What's that all about?
You're probably referring to those weird categorical titles like "Make-It Monday." Make-It Monday projects are crafts I have completed over the course of time (simply posted on Mondays since I do most of my crafting on the weekends), and Mythbuster posts are written when I'm seeking to prove some sort of stereotype or misconception wrong. You might have also seen posts under the Get The Look heading, which is a style based heading that I use to post my most complimented outfits and where to find the pieces. I also target confidence for little girls (#WarriorPrincess), little boys (#AdventureHero), and adults (#StraightenYourCrown) through the Crayons to Confidence movement. 

Oops! When I left a comment on your page, it showed some personal info I did not want published! What do I do? 
The quickest way is to delete the comment, but I want to hear what you have to say! If you can wait a little bit, leave an extra comment or shoot me an email letting me know what you would like removed. I'll take care of it for you within a couple days!

How dare you! My comment has been deleted! 
I am very sorry, as I want to hear what every reader has to say. However, I run my blog like I run my classroom. I use modest language, respect others' opinions, and disagree peacefully. My rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't say it around the students in my class, don't say it around the readers on my blog. I reserve the right to remove any obscene, offensive, or inappropriate content from the blog at any time. It there is a colorful matter you feel necessary to discuss further, feel free to shoot me an email. 

I tried to follow you on social media, but all your accounts are private! Why can't I contact you?
Because I'm a teacher! My blog's accounts are open to the public, but my personal accounts are guarded. I don't allow my students or classroom parents on my social media for professional reasons, but my blog's facebook page, twitter account, Instagram feed, and Pinterest board still hold plenty of updates on my life outside the blog and classroom, and are definitely open to the public!

How can I keep up with posts and news from your blog?
Use any of the buttons in the CONNECT WITH BETHANY sidebar! Like the Facebook Page and/or follow the blog on Twitter @ttandpd or Instagram @taxistotsandpolkadots.

I love your crafts, but I have no time! Can I order them? 
Unfortunately, I am not in a position currently to open a personal business or Etsy store. Occasionally I will host craft give-aways, sales, and closet raids. Stay tuned to the blog/social media to determine the date of the next one.

Your lesson plans are the bomb! Where can I find more? 
Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers icon! There's not much there ... yet. That's a summer project for me!

I would like to know more about your faith. How can I get in contact with you? 
Literally any way possible. I'm open via email, facebook messenger, instagram direct message, or any other way you can find me. This is my absolute favorite topic to discuss, and I welcome any open conversation!

I have so many questions for you, but they're kind of personal. Is that okay
One of the most surprising aspects of the Crayons to Confidence movement is that teenagers and young adults are also flocking to share their story. Some have had a positive experience with self love in their early childhood years, but some have truly been through hell and back. I welcome all of these stories in a private capacity (through email or direct message) and in a public capacity (through features and guest writers). Nothing is off limits. I love to chat and make new friends, but I'm also a pretty good listener. Even though I work with kids most of the time, my blog is designed to remain a safe place for any and all readers to come and pursue a journey of self love. 

I am so in love with your platform. How can I be approved for a feature?
Occasionally, I'll receive an email/message from a beautiful reader wanting to tell his/her story or share his/her perspective. I can't tell you how much I welcome these opportunities. My self love story is certainly not the only self love story, and I find it so refreshing for my readers (and myself!) to hear from someone other than me. I love hearing where people have been, what they have struggled with, and how they have triumphed. Victory stories are undoubtedly my favorite, but struggle stories are always accepted, as well. Here at Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots, we are dedicated to sharing our whole, real, and authentic selves, so we are not opposed to sharing some bad days along with the good. We all have them, so any type of feature is welcome.

We have very similar interests and fan bases. Can I write a guest post for your blog? 
I love teamwork. I think the absolute best way to improve yourself is to copy the exceptional ideas of others! I would love to write guest posts for other blogs and welcome guests posts on mine, as long as I approve the post before publishing. I reserve the right at any time to delete the post or inquire the removal of certain aspects. Visit our Guest Writers page for more info.

Can I feature one of your articles/projects on my own website/blog? 
I would be honored to be featured! However, keep in mind that a writer's work is part of their identity. Please email me to request permission, limit the feature to 2-3 photos, and provide a link back to the original blog. Email me at contact@taxistotsandpolkadots.com if you seek to include a short bio with the article to ascribe proper credit. Under no circumstances should the logo, watermarks, or content of this blog be copied, altered, or redistributed without my consent.

I think my brand/business would be a good fit for Taxis, Tots & Polka Dots. How can we partner? 
I would love to partner with the brands and businesses I love! Email me at partner@taxistotsandpolkadots.com to inquire about advertising, sponsored posts, product reviews, giveaways, social media promotions, freelance writing, and/or workshops.

Can I hire you to write for my blog/website/magazine?
Absolutely! I'm always looking for more ways to share any thoughts and encouragement that might be beneficial to readers. Email me at partner@taxistotsandpolkadots.com for more information.

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